Growth Strategy :

Company will managed his growth under his social defined activity domain, by looking over 4 clear directions :

1) Partnership with other Arts Good Manufacturer (non industrial), with similar or complementary productio content :

- Our network, our market place, our international capability largely accross past limited french boarder, are opportunities to share over more than one company or production site.

- Contact us if you share the idea that joining together will give us more power and operation capacity over a world-wide large opened market. Union is power for each partner ! Compétition is disruptive for the market players.
investment in production Art creation places will be considered if consistent over the company defined activity domain area.

- To share our tools, and our international approach.

- Contact us if you have goal also to grow in your activity field, with help of an Art creation and intelectual ownership respectfull shareholder. We stay Ethic, definitively.

2) External growth over acquisition/integration projects, target is specialized creation/production shops (very small to small better).

- You are an Artist, our a small Art creation company, you have been recognized in France "Best Art maker, "Meilleur ouvrier de France", you have expertize in old production processes and have why not old tools that you use for that :

• You have projeect to sold your business or production shop
• You have project to join in an other company, that has same activity goals, with goal to share tools, production machines, capacity, expertize, facility and logistic (structural cost sharing - fix cost sharing)
• You have project to better focus over technic and processes, and bring down time you have to spend over company administraition that disturb you from your real skills and knowledges.

- You have project to prepare your resignment, but you want bring your activity under a continuity project. This can include the personnal expectation to continue to work but not as a company manager in your Art field after resignment full or part-time.

- Contact us, we have oepend eyes to discuss association, sharholder sharing, company transmission or integration etc.

3) Collaboration with non professionnal Artist, talentuous, who wnat to share or improve or developp their knowledge, inside a defined operational organization, with sales capacity, also showroom or knowledge event organization capacity. OUr organization can bring to them our network, our market visibility, our tools, our action capacity, also international market introduction capability, in a respectfull process and intellectual ownership organization, ethic oriented, that has hosting or development support capabilities. (shop, training places, events organization etc...)

- Our best targeted Arts fields :

• Enluminure d’Art
• Polychromie d’Art
• Marqueterie d’Art
• Mosaïque d’Art
• Wood Arts including music intrument Arts
• Sculpture (stone or metallic)
• Poterie d’Art
• Ferronnerie d’Art

4) Ateliers JAUNE D’ARGENT company is opened to receive financial donation over projects to investigate old Art production processes knowledge development, and knowledge transmission project also (special courses for professionnal specialist, with university teachers, worldwide recognized experts, etc... :

• Mécénat
• Dons en nature (méthodes, ouvrages, outillages, matières anciennes, etc…)
• Projets associatifs exclusivement limités à son objet social de pérennisation des techniques d’arts anciens
• Actions de recherches historiques (faire à l’identique – retrouver comment le faire)
• Démonstrateurs historiques
• Contribution à la préservation et la conservation du patrimoine : Renaissance de techniques d’Art oubliés ou perdues

5) On financial side, Ateliers JAUNE D’ARGENT company, tody SASU, is opened to consider sharholders investment in direction of a SAS multi-owner managed company. Investor can be private companies or Administrations (knowledge interested conservation), or Public organizations (Art oriented or traditional methods conservative supportive).